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Alzheimer’s & Memory Loss: How to help parents with memory loss

  Alzheimer’s and memory loss is challenging for any family. It’s hard for those with the disease to communicate their …

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3 Things to Watch For in Aging Parents This Holiday Season

  The holidays are fast approaching and you’re once again able to spend time with your loved ones in person. The holidays are a time of warmth, joy, and love and for checking in with the people you love to see how they are truly doing. If you haven’t seen …

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Aging Well: How to Navigate The Aging Journey

  Although there are many  things that change as you age, there are also a number of things that stay the same. No matter what age we are, most of us value dignity, health and independence.  As you or your loved ones enter into a season of life when everyday …

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In-home Care

3 Reasons Why Seniors Prefer In-Home Care

When you, a loved one, or your parents get to the age when extra help and assistance is needed for day-to-day activities, life can start to look much different. It’s essential to ensure that you’re prepared for these changing times and have all of the necessary resources at your disposal …

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Nursing Home Alternative for Dementia Parents

Alternatives to Putting a Parent with Dementia in a Nursing Home

Most people are more comfortable dealing with physical illnesses common to people over 65 than they are with dementia. Losing the ability to think and reason clearly is frightening to experience in ourselves or see in those we love. When dementia is diagnosed, knowing what to do next can be …

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Caregivers for Seniors

8 Questions to Ask Caregivers For Seniors Before You Hire Them

  For many people, the thought of entrusting the care of your loved one to a stranger can be worrisome. After all, senior caregivers are responsible for providing the type of physical and emotional support that you and your family would otherwise provide.  One way to get a better sense …

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senior memory care

5 Things You Need to Know About Senior Memory Care

When your  loved one begins to experience signs of memory loss, it can be difficult to know which steps to take next. Thankfully, there are senior memory care services available to help you and your family navigate this difficult transition.  What is senior memory care? Senior memory care helps your …

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