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3 Tips when Visiting Elderly Relatives this Holiday Season

(This information was first produced by ActivCare in San Diego and has been modified for this article.)

If you are like most people, come November and December you will be seeing family and friends who you may not normally see on a frequent basis. The holidays provide time to express our love and support for one another, and one way to do this is by making sure any of the elderly relatives living alone in your life are safe and well cared for. Here are three tips for making sure their holidays (and their lives) are enjoyable:

1. Open that Fridge. If it’s not too intrusive to do so, check for healthy food options and check those expiration dates. Good nutrition is essential to good health and a happy life. If the contents seem problematic, gently inquire about how they’ve been feeling and maybe even offer to help with grocery shopping or providing new, simple recipes.

2. Open that Mailbox. Well, maybe not literally, but if you are a close relative, see if you can glace through the due dates on bills, but also watch out for articles or offers trying to scam seniors out of their money.

3. Open that Hood. Maybe you’re not quite literally sticking your head under the car, but if the senior is still driving, keep an eye on the tire inflation, dents or scrapes that may reflect failing driving capacities, and inquire about car maintenance. You may be saving lives by stepping in to help.

Along with enjoying the extra time spent with loved ones, there are any other things you can check on to ensure a loved one living alone is safe and healthy. Remember to give lots of love, encouraging words, and a listening ear this holiday season.  Don’t be afraid to gently step in and help or seek help if you think someone may need it.

Golden Care is always ready to lend a hand and walk you and your loved ones through the process of aging and any healthcare or lifestyle needs that come along with that. Please click the Contact Us button at the top of this page to be put in contact with a team member who will answer any questions you may have.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

These statements have not been evaluated by a medical professional and are strictly the opinion of the company. As always, follow your doctor’s advice for your health care.

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