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5 Tips for Making Dressing Easier After Stroke

It is common for seniors who have had a stroke to have to re-learn how to do the things that were once easy for them. Usually, re-learning tasks involves finding ways to alter how they are done to make them easier with the senior’s disability.

One task that is important to the independence of your aging relative is dressing on their own.

Being able to do it alone can improve their self-esteem, which could motivate them to work harder on other parts of their recovery. Immediately after a stroke, dressing may be very difficult, but as time goes on and the senior regains more of their abilities, they will have an easier time. There are several ways that dressing can be simplified to help seniors do it independently after a stroke. Below are 5 tips to help.

#1: Wear Simpler Clothing

Certain clothing is easier to put on than others. For example, a polo shirt that pulls on over the head is easier to get on than a button-down shirt that requires two hands and finger dexterity to button. And, pants with an elastic waist can be pulled on, eliminating buttons or zippers. Look for shoes that don’t need to be tied, such as loafers or tennis shoes with Velcro. Women may also wish to wear a sports bra that goes on over the head since fastening a bra with one hand can be challenging.

#2: See an Occupational Therapist

Ask the doctor for a referral to an occupational therapist. The therapist can work with the older adult to determine ways that make dressing easier given their specific disability.

#3: Have Clothing Modified

Rather than purchasing a lot of new clothing, consider taking some of the senior’s clothes to a tailor or seamstress who can modify them for easier wear. For example, they could replace zippers with Velcro and buttons with snaps or hooks and eyes. Having clothing modified is usually a less expensive option than purchasing a new wardrobe. Plus, it allows the older adult to continue wearing their favorite clothes and dressing in what they are used to.

#4: Purchase Adaptive Clothing

You can also purchase adaptive clothing specially made for people with disabilities. Adaptive clothing uses alternate methods for closures, like Velcro or zippers with grab pulls. Some of them close on different parts of the body than usual, which can make it easier for seniors who need assistance dressing. For example, there are shirts that close in the back making it simpler for a family caregiver or senior care provider to slip the garment over the older adult’s arms and close it in the back while they remain seated.

#5: Hire Senior Care

It may take some time before your older family member can dress independently. A senior care provider can assist them with getting dressed in the morning and changing into pajamas at night. Senior care providers can also assist them with bathing and grooming so they can continue to look and feel their best.

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