The theme of September’s National Preparedness Month is “Don’t Wait. Communicate.” What does that mean? It all comes down to planning for catastrophes in advance. Being prepared can make the difference in saving your parents from harm.


Caregiver in Solana Beach CA: National Preparedness Month

Caregiver in Solana Beach CA: National Preparedness Month



The key to being prepared is to openly communicate plans for different situations. Go over each of these scenarios and make sure your parents know exactly what to do and that you know where they would go if they had to leave their home.



Flooding can happen anywhere. If rains fall at heavy rates, roads may flood. Rivers can exceed the banks and lead to flooding. Fast snowmelt or a dam that suddenly breaks are other ways flooding can happen. If your parents experience a flood, they need to get to higher floors in their home and call for help.

If the flooding is expected due to a tropical storm, your parents need to listen to area authorities. If recommendations are that everyone in a neighborhood or area evacuates, they need to do so. Get their pets and necessities and leave. It’s better to lose a house than to lose a life or pet by ignoring recommendations.


Home Fire

No one wants to see their home burn down, but it does happen. Older wiring, a lightning strike, a meal left on the stove accidentally, and build-up of dryer lint are all ways fires start. One thing your parents need to avoid is trying to get things out of the house.

Go over escape routes they should use in different scenarios. Practice them as often as you can together. Talk to a neighbor that they could go to call the fire department. Set a meeting point where they would go to meet up as they got out of the house.

If the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms are on fire, your parents would need to get out of a window. Is there a garage or deck roof they could climb onto? From there, they’d slide to the ground. An emergency collapsible ladder or a tree within reach are other ways they could escape.


Blizzard or Hurricane

If a blizzard or hurricane hits, who is going to go to your parents’ house and make sure they’ve evacuated or are okay? If the power is out, you may not be able to reach them by phone or internet. You’d need a neighbor who is next door and could check.

If the power is out during a blizzard, you don’t want your parents to freeze. Most heating systems require power to work. They’d need to shut off the water, drain all inside water lines, and stay somewhere else until the power returns. In a hurricane, heat and humidity and lack of air conditioning are main concerns.


For your peace of mind, call a senior care agency. Ask about companionship services and caregiver check-ins. A caregiver can stop by, help your parents with any chores, and make sure they’re okay. Call a senior care agency to learn more.


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