Although there are many  things that change as you age, there are also a number of things that stay the same. No matter what age we are, most of us value dignity, health and independence. 

As you or your loved ones enter into a season of life when everyday tasks require additional assistance, it can be difficult to determine the best path forward – especially if that loved one wants to remain independent. Here are some recommendations that can help you navigate independence, safety and quality of life for your loved one while they remain living in the comfort of their home.

Safety is always priority #1

In order for your loved one to benefit from Home Care, there are a few major safety considerations to take into account, according to studies conducted by Nursing Magazine. The top at-home  risks for aging individuals include environmental hazards that could cause a fall, limited hearing and vision capabilities, altered depth perception, and lack of social engagement. 

As you begin to navigate options for Home Care, it is critically important to ensure that the aging individual is set up for success in their environment. Floors should be level, handrails should be installed in proper locations, furniture should be stable, and clutter should be kept at a minimum in order to avoid injury. 

Prioritize whole foods and healthy meals


One of the simplest ways to ensure your loved one is optimizing their health is by ensuring that they have access to whole foods and healthy meals. One of the things our caregivers love to do is help our clients shop for healthy, nutrient-dense groceries and cook tasty meals

Keeping the kitchen stocked with whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables rather than highly-processed foods and sugars can help provide the vitamins and minerals to keep your loved one healthy. 

Integrate movement into daily routines


Another aspect of long term health for seniors is muscle strength. Even small exercise sessions can help strengthen the muscles that you use most. This muscular strength will help build resiliency and help your loved one recover if they have a health set back or a fall. 

Not all exercises are created with seniors in mind though! There are a few exercises that are beneficial to seniors, as well as a few that may require more impact than what is desirable. Choose the exercises that are the most fun!

Don’t underestimate social engagement


In-Home Caregivers help ensure that seniors are able to safely navigate their environment. In addition, a qualified caregiver will be able to provide you or your family members with social engagement. The leading Home Care providers in San Diego offer more than just medication reminders and transportation to doctor appointments––they offer true companionship. 

Social engagement is critically important for seniors – for all of us, really! Having an attentive and conversational caregiver can bring joy. 

Build a foundation of dignity and independence

If you are caring for an aging loved one, it can be difficult to draw the line between being responsible for their safety and wellbeing, and offering them the independence they desire. 

Start by having a trusted medical team examine your loved ones to determine the type of care that is needed and the amount of independence that is safe. Next, bring your loved one into the conversation. Rather than making decisions and informing them after the fact, consider having a dynamic conversation about their needs while allowing them to express their desires. When someone feels that their independence is valued, they will be more willing to speak up and provide insight that is helpful to those that are walking alongside them in this process.

Once you make that determination with your doctor, we can support you in having a conversation with your loved one and creating a care plan that meets their unique needs.  

Finding an Home Care provider


Unfortunately, finding an Home Care provider isn’t always easy. As the top Home Caregiving provider in San Diego, we work with you to create a custom care plan designed specifically for your loved one that helps them stay safe, healthy and emotionally supported in the comfort of their home. 

If we can create a custom care plan for you or someone you love, reach out! We would love to work with you.