Aging safely in the comfort of your home

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Aging safely in the comfort of your home

Brian’s family knew things were getting serious when he could no longer make it up the stairs to go to bed. They approached him with assisted living facilities but he refused to leave his home. They decided to explore other options, and that’s when they came across Golden Care. 


Working with our caregivers allowed Brian to avoid assisted living while still getting the care he needs. We started a daily walking regimen with him and prepared nutritious meals that catered to his tastes. It was tiring at first, but now Brian walks his block daily and has no problem climbing the stairs to go to bed. 

How in-home care can help

There are a lot of reasons why seniors prefer in-home care over assisted living facilities. They’re able to relax in an environment they’re comfortable with, their care is personalized entirely to them, and they’re able to be around family more. Not to mention the value we all place on freedom and independence, no matter our age.


As our loved ones age, their health becomes more delicate, and they may require extra help to stay safe and healthy. Family members often feel responsible for the care of their elderly loved ones but even with the best intentions, they may not be able to provide the level of care that their loved one needs. 


This is where in-home care comes in. It allows our loved ones to stay in their homes comfortably while getting the care they need. Here’s a look at how in-home care can keep seniors safe in their homes.

Private, one-on-one care

When we think of nursing homes or assisted living facilities, we often assume that they would be the best places for our elderly loved ones to reside. However, in reality, where our loved ones want to stay is in their homes. With in-home care, seniors can receive personalized and one-on-one care in the comfort of their homes. They can maintain their independence and keep their daily routine manageable.


In-home caregivers are a great value as well because of their flexibility. Not every patient is the same, and in-home caregivers take that to heart. Some need dementia care while others need basic personal care. Your loved one will never be put into a one-size fits all approach.

Fall Prevention

Falls are one of the most dangerous threats to your aging loved one’s health, and they often lead to hospitalization or worse. In-home care can help prevent falls by ensuring the house is free of tripping hazards and providing stability services such as a walking assistant or gait belt.

Medication Reminders

It’s not uncommon for seniors to require several different medications, each with their dosages and timings. In-home care providers can assist in reminding seniors to take their medications. 

Continuous Companionship

Many seniors struggle with loneliness, which can negatively affect their mental health and well-being. In-home care providers offer continuous companionship and quality time. Having someone to talk to, doing activities together, and receiving emotional support helps our loved ones to maintain a happy, joyous, and meaningful life.


In-home care providers, depending on the customized care plan, can also help in arranging socialization opportunities with friends, family, or peers. They can help arrange visits, events or bring seniors to community centers, cultural events, and appropriate workshops. Socialization is essential in keeping seniors cognitively active and has a positive impact on their mental health.

Get started with in-home care for seniors in San Diego

In-home care provides our loved ones with the care they require while promoting safety, health, and quality of life. 


Whether you only need help 1 or 2 times a week, or you need it every day, in-home care ensures your loved one is getting the same professional caregiver each time. 


If you’re interested in in-home care, contact Golden Care today for a free consultation. 

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