Family Caregiving – Four Ways to Practice Getting Help

Family Caregiving – Four Ways to Practice Getting Help

When you’re a caregiver, you might start to feel as if you’re constantly on your own. You might need a lot more help, but that can feel impossible to get. How you ask for help and how you open yourself up to the possibilities matters.

Divide Tasks Until They Feel More Doable

Often asking for help is difficult because you’re already facing so many tasks and many of them, especially as a caregiver, might feel too big to hand over to someone else. Something that helps more than you might think is to break up those tasks into smaller ones. Initially, there appears to be more to do, but it’s also easier for you to delegate some of those tasks out to other people. It’s easier to ask someone to handle a small task than a big one.

Don’t Wait to Ask for Help

Another mistake that caregivers tend to make is that they wait too long to ask for help. There are so many reasons that you might do this, but the end result is the same. Ultimately, you end up avoiding asking for help and you try to soldier through on your own. You might end up frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling as if no one is ever going to help. The solution is to start asking for help a lot sooner. Waiting to ask brings big trouble.

Practice Saying Yes a Little More Often

On the topic of asking for help, you might be so busy and so overwhelmed that you don’t realize how often you actually do get offers of help. Caregivers don’t always recognize these offers, though, because they’re not always obvious. If you start saying “yes” a little more often when people offer you help, though, you’re going to start recognizing those offers more quickly.

Hire Home Care Providers

Another solution you might have overlooked is to hire elder care providers. There’s less of a learning curve when you hire help that already understands what it’s like to be a caregiver. They might even be able to show you some ways to do things easier and more quickly, which is a huge bonus. Senior care providers are also definitely going to help you, which eliminates one of the subconscious fears that stop caregivers from asking for help.

When you realize that asking for help is not as complicated as you’ve made it out to be, you can actually start getting more of what you need.
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