Four Situations That Confirm You Need Some Help

Four Situations That Confirm You Need Some Help

You might be going back and forth with yourself about whether you need or want extra help as a caregiver. Some of these situations might help you to decide that you are definitely at that point.

You Keep Feeling Like You’re Not Doing Enough

It’s fairly common as a caregiver to feel like you could or should be doing more. But if you’re already doing a lot, both in your duties as a caregiver and in other situations, that feeling may actually mean you need some help. There’s always more to do, but that doesn’t have to mean that you’re the only one who can do those things. Bringing in home care services can take that load off of your own shoulders.

Your Temper Is Shorter Lately

Your feelings, particularly those of frustration or irritation, can be a fantastic way to check whether you’re overextending yourself or not. When you’re realizing that your temper is short and you’re more irritated in general, you’re likely overlooking something that you need. One of the biggest things you’re likely overlooking is that you could use a hand.

You’re Worrying a Lot When You’re Away

When you do get away for a bit, whether that’s to deal with other obligations or just for time to yourself, how do you feel? If you’re finding that you’re extremely anxious while you’re gone, you might be too worried about whatever might be happening with your senior. That’s common, but it can keep you from focusing on the other things you’re doing. Having someone there with your senior can allow you to let go of that concern.

You’re Making Decisions to Ignore Your Own Life

Too many caregivers end up ignoring their own life in favor of taking care of someone that they love. This is normal, to an extent, but it’s something that has extremely negative effects for you. That’s not a system that is sustainable, especially if there are a lot of other moving parts in your life that really do need your attention and energy. Having another source of help can give you what you need to be able to focus on your life, too.

Keeping your eye on not only your responsibilities as a caregiver and your own needs is not easy to do. There’s a lot involved and while there are tradeoffs that happen in caregiving, you can’t keep putting yourself on the back burner.

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