How to Handle Common Complaints of Seniors at Home

How to Handle Common Complaints of Seniors at Home

If you have a senior parent or a loved one who requires elderly care while living alone at home, you may have heard some of these common concerns, or downright complaints, from your senior.

It can be tough as our parent’s age and slowly start to lose the abilities to do some of the daily tasks and activities that once came so easily for them. We don’t want to see our loved ones go through tough times and we certainly don’t want them to isolate themselves from society.

If your senior parent is receiving elderly care at home as they strive to remain as independent as possible for as long as they can, here are some common concerns that they may have and some ways to handle their complaints.

Complaint #1: I wish I could drive.

This is a big issue for seniors that are living at home but have recently had to give up their driving privileges. The loss of independence that comes with not being able to drive is huge. One way that you can help them to keep their independence and allow them to get outside of their home is to hire an elderly care service to provide caregivers that can drive them to the places that they need to go.

Complaint #2: No one comes to visit.

First, ask yourself if there is a reason that people don’t come to visit. Is there something that you can do or address with your senior to change that? If not, consider reaching out to the people that are important to your senior and ask them to take some time to visit them in person. Sometimes when people are told that their presence is important to someone, they are more easily motivated to make time for that person in their busy lives.

Complaint #3: I can’t do the things that I used to be able to do.

This is another one that many seniors will struggle with. Things like grooming, changing clothes, preparing meals, and keeping up with household chores can be hard for aging seniors to do physically. Hiring a home care service to help them with their elderly care tasks will allow them to have their home taken care of in the way that they desire but without having to risk injuring themselves to do it.

Complaint #4: I’m feeling isolated or depressed.

If your senior voices feelings of loneliness or depression, talk to their health care professional to rule out any serious mental health issues. Try to keep your senior busy by inviting them to family events that they would enjoy, or by hiring a caregiver to be a companion for them when you can’t be with them, to prevent them from being alone.

Complaint #5: I miss my friends or spouse.

If your senior has lost a spouse or a loved one, make sure to allow them the time to talk about their feelings. Sometimes placing pictures of their loved one around the home, or mementos that are important to them can help. If they have friends that they are missing, see if you can organize a social get together so that they can reminisce on old times and visit with the people they enjoy.
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