Is Your Elderly Loved One Stressed About COVID-19? Here is How You Can Help!

Is Your Elderly Loved One Stressed About COVID-19? Here is How You Can Help!

Have you recently noticed that COVID-19 is stressing out your elderly loved one? They are not the only ones. There are plenty of people all throughout the United States and the world who are getting stressed out because of this pandemic. However, there is good news. There are ways that you and your elderly loved one’s senior care providers can help to reduce their stress levels.

Make Sure Your Loved One Takes Breaks

It is important that you and your loved one’s senior care providers make sure they take breaks from reading, listening to, or watching the news. There are stories being shared all over social media, as well, so it might be a good idea to have your loved one take breaks from social media, too. By taking these much-needed breaks, your elderly loved one won’t keep hearing about the coronavirus and its impacts on this world. While it is good to be aware of what is going on, constantly hearing about the virus, can be devastating and emotionally-disastrous to elderly adults and others, as well.

Taking Care of Oneself

You and your elderly loved one’s senior care providers should also make sure they are taking good care of themselves. Make sure your elderly loved one is practicing meditation, stretching, walking around their yard, eating well, and exercising. You should also make sure your loved one is getting enough quality sleep. By making sure that your elderly loved one is taking care of themselves, they can stay healthier and less stressed throughout this pandemic.

Time to Calm Down

Your elderly loved one also needs time to calm down and unwind. If your elderly loved one is feeling stressed because of the coronavirus, you should make sure they are doing enjoyable activities. They should be doing at least one enjoyable activity every day. This will help them to see that there are still things they can do that are fun. They can still have happiness in their life, even with the coronavirus pandemic happening.

Time for Connections

Even though most people are supposed to stay-at-home as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone should still make time for connections. If your elderly loved one is feeling stressed because of the pandemic, be sure they are still connecting with others. You, other family members, and their friends can call them, send them text messages, or do live video chats with them, as well.

These are some ways that you can help to reduce your elderly loved one’s stress during the coronavirus pandemic. Stress doesn’t have to take over their life. You can help them to stay happy throughout all of this.

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