Non-medical In Home Care

Non-medical In Home Care

When we hear the words, “In home care,” we can tend to picture a hospital bed in a living room, a nurse or medical professional cycling shifts through the home 24/7, and medication bottles lined up on the counter divided into the proper days and times. Let’s look at a few ways in home care is not medically related and how it can benefit even the healthiest of seniors.

1. Driving and other errands. Sometimes adults choose to stop driving, not because they are not longer physically capable, but because they no longer feel comfortable on the road. This is a scenario where an in home care giver can take them grocery shopping, out for lunch, for a walk on the beach, or out for some coffee.

2. Companionship. As some adults age, they become more isolated and alone, and they may not reach out for support. A part time in home caregiver can provide friendship, conversation, and make everyday life more enjoyable.

3. Stress relief. This may sound odd, but there can be a lot of unknowns and anxiety that come with aging, and having a companion who comes to the comfort of the home to help with everyday living activities can be a wonderful relief for some adults. Even a once or twice a week visit can make a world of difference to an older adult who is used to being alone all or most of the time. This relief also comes to the family of the aging adult as well. Knowing someone who cares will be with their loved one is a huge stress relief.

4. Everyday living activities. Some aging adults are just tired, mentally and physically, and having someone stay on top of the bills, vacuum the living room, or clean out the fridge can be a wonderful help to them. This is not because they are physically incapable of these things, but simply because they have been doing them for decades and need a break.

These are just a few example of non-medical in home care and how it can be extremely beneficial for all involved. Please let Golden Care help you decide if you need help and how we can meet all of your needs. You can call us at 760-828-5201 or visit the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

A medical professional has not verified these statements. They are strictly opinion and are not meant to take the place of a doctor’s advice. As always, contact your doctor for questions regarding your health.

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