What Steps Can Your Family Take to Make a New Caregiver Feel Welcome?

What Steps Can Your Family Take to Make a New Caregiver Feel Welcome?

It’s time for your mom and dad to have home care services. You’ve talked to them at length, and they agree that it’s time. They’re nervous, however. It’s not even about their sense of loss of freedom or privacy, they’re nervous about making a caregiver feel welcome. These tips will help.

Be Clear With Rules and Expectations

Make sure that your parents’ household rules are made clear. If the caregiver forgets a rule, don’t make a big fuss of it. Offer a friendly reminder and move on.
The agency that sends the caregiver will have policies for that caregiver to follow. Ask to go over them and make sure you’re okay with them. If you have anything to add, discuss it before the caregiver’s first day.
Remember that courtesy is a two-way street. If your mom and dad have rules they want the caregiver to follow, allow the caregiver to also lay out rules of his/her own. If the caregiver is scared of dogs and asks for the dog to be leashed until she has gotten to know the pet, respect that.

Set Boundaries and Allow the Caregiver to Do the Same

Your parents probably have some boundaries they want to be put in place. If they want the caregiver to use the guest bathroom and not the master bathroom, allow them to have that boundary. At the same time, let the caregiver set boundaries, too. If she doesn’t want to talk about politics or religion, make sure your parents are aware of those boundaries.

Create a Caregiver Space

If possible, create a place where the caregiver can go to de-stress. Home care aides have very stressful jobs. You may have encountered stress while caring for your parents. A caregiver also has that stress to deal with.
When your parents are being a little more difficult than usual, have a place where the caregiver can go to take a few deep breaths before returning to the task at hand. A patio garden or three-season porch is often enough to sit down, close the eyes, and refresh with a few deep breaths.

Write Out a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Schedule

Make sure you have the daily, weekly, and monthly schedule written out and displayed somewhere. Your parents can rely on it to know what will happen during the day. The caregiver can refer to it as needed.

Caregivers make a huge difference to seniors who want to age at home. Call an agency now to learn more about how much caregivers cost.

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