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Medication adherence may or may not be a term you are familiar with, but you have probably experienced it several times before. It simply means taking your medications as prescribed to you, either in the proper dosage or at the proper times and for the correct length of time. According to the Center for Disease Control, almost half of Americans suffer from a chronic disease, and medication adherence is the first step in managing these conditions. Your medications cannot help you as effectively if they are not being taken correctly or consistently. Consequently, taking the wrong dosage of your medications could have devastating effects, such as physical side effects or a hospital visit.  Here are a few ways to help in medication management:

  1. Keep your medication with you so no matter where you are on a given day, you’ll be able to take it on time.

  2. Order 90-day refills instead of 30-day refills, as you will be less likely to skip or miss days due to running out of medicine. In some cases, it is even less expensive to order this way.

  3. Have your medications mailed to you so you don’t have to stand in a pharmacy line.

  4. As always, discuss any changes in symptoms or medications with your doctor, as they are the most familiar with your situation.

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If you or someone you know could use assistance with medication adherence, or you simply want to make sure your loved one is getting the proper help they need on a daily or weekly basis, please contact us at (760) 828.5201 or email us through the Contact form on this website. We will provide an assessment of your or a loved one’s situation at no cost to you. We offer options of both Home Care and facility placement assistance. Let us help you help the ones you love.

Disclaimer: None of these statements are made by a licensed medical professional. Always seek your doctor’s assistance with any medical questions you may have.