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Clutter can really take over your senior’s house and that’s not a good thing at all. By setting up some systems and really cracking down, you can help your elderly family member to keep a lid on the clutter that is plaguing her during her daily life.

Develop Systems for Clutter-prone Items

Systems can help your senior to handle things on autopilot, especially if she’s prone to clutter. Mail can be a huge problem for people. Set up a mail station. This might include a basket or a sorting station where mail first lands. Keep a trash can or recycle bin near that area so that junk mail can go straight into the trash. Sticking to that system keeps clutter contained.

Set Limits for the Clutter

Some clutter needs limits in order to start controlling it. If your elderly family member collects items that tend to get out of control, set up one particular location for those items. That might mean that they all “live” in one room or that they stay in a particular cabinet or display hutch. Adhering to those limits keeps the clutter in that area.

Look at Why the Clutter Keeps Coming Back

Your senior may have successfully battled this exact clutter a time or two before this. There are reasons that clutter returns. Your elderly family member might abandon systems that worked for her or she might have some emotional attachments to the clutter that make getting rid of it difficult. It’s important to delve into the cause, but you may not be able to do that alone. Having help from a therapist can be incredibly enlightening.

Get Some Extra Help Battling the Clutter

Elder Home Care providers can be an incredibly helpful part of keeping your senior’s clutter under control. They can help to manage the day to day tidying up that might be necessary and they can offer your senior prompts to use the systems that you and she establish. Having someone else there to help remind her can be just the little bit of a nudge that your elderly family member might need in order to stay on track.Your elderly family member might not appreciate your focus on her clutter at first, but later it might be much more helpful for her. Finding a balance between a cluttered home and a lived-in home can help her to be both safer and happier.
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