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While using social media may seem like second nature to you, it may be a total mystery to your aging mom or dad.

When it comes to staying connected to friends, family and your community, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more can make keeping in touch easy and convenient.  

Wouldn’t it make sense to help your elderly parent use social media, too? With the help of family, friends and Home Care providers, seniors can soon learn to navigate social media like a pro. 

Starting Slow on Social Media

Research shows that elderly adults over the age of 65 are the least likely age group to utilize social media. While this statistic may not be a real surprise to most people, what is surprising is that the number of seniors who do use social media is definitely growing. More elderly adults than ever are plugging in and enjoying the benefits of social media in the digital age.

So why aren’t more elderly adults getting on social media? Most of the time, they don’t really know where to begin. They didn’t grow up with computers and smartphones, and often technology can be confusing, irritating or downright scary to them. However, with a little exposure and a lot of patience, you can get your aging mom or dad to a point where they can enjoy social media and its many benefits.

Tips for Seniors and Social Media

If you want your aging loved one to become a little more tech savvy, you and their Home Care provider need to introduce them to a simple setup and provide lots of support. You’ll need to get them set up with a computer, laptop or tablet for easier engagement. Elderly parents don’t need anything very fancy as they will likely just be doing very basic things online.

Make sure you or the Home Care provider will show your aging mom or dad how to turn the device on and where to go to access different social media sites. It’s helpful to create icons on the desktop so they can just navigate visually with a click or two. It may take some time for them to figure out how to do this on their own, so written steps may help them learn more quickly.

Most social media is pretty straightforward. You can help them set up their account in just one or two platforms—usually the one that family members are most active on.

You or the Home Care provider can get things set up for them initially, like linking to family members, structuring the display for privacy and other basic tasks. Then, all your elderly mom or dad needs to do is login and start enjoying the connectivity that social media provides. Again, written steps may help seniors that are reluctant or nervous to engage. 

There are so many benefits for seniors to use social media, including staying connected with friends and family, being informed on community events and news, and finding entertainment and information. It’s a whole new world for elderly adults who finally get on social media.
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