Worrying is something that you’re definitely going to do if you’re a caregiver. You’ll worry about all sorts of issues, both realistic and unrealistic. It’s what you do about those worries that really matters.

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“What if” Rarely Helps

One of the most common types of worrying that caregivers engage in is connected to “what if” thinking. This means that you’re worrying about incidents that haven’t happened yet and that might not happen. But you’re still really concerned about how the situation would change and how it might blow up if that did happen.

It’s not Easy to Turn off These Thoughts

You might tell yourself that you should just stop thinking about things in this way and that’s not totally unrealistic. But it’s not easy to just turn off these types of thoughts. You’re spending a lot of time and energy taking excellent care of your senior and that isn’t something you can just turn off.

Write Your Worries Down

Something to consider is writing your worries down. These concerns can seem massive when they’re rolling around in your head and taking up space. If you write them down, they shrink in size. As they show up in black and white, you’re able to look at them more objectively and realize that they’re either unrealistic or they’re something that you can do something about.

Will a Worry Spur You to Action?

Once you write down your list of worries, go over it again. Mark out anything that really isn’t likely to happen for one reason or another. What you’re left with might be something you can use right now. Objectively see what you can take action on either right now or as soon as possible. Use those worries to get you moving toward a solution.

Plan Ahead

It’s a lot easier to avoid worrying if you’ve got a plan you can follow. Work with your senior’s medical team and any other professionals who help her to come up with the most comprehensive care plan possible. This helps to reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience random worries from out of the blue.

Being a caregiver means that you’re definitely going to worry. The thing is, you can sit there and let worry take over or you can do whatever you can in order to stop your worrying habit and use it for good. By converting your worries to energy, you can use is one of the best solutions you can opt into.
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