Many people lose hearing as they get older. It typically happens very gradually. Because it comes on slowly, your elderly parent may not even realize they are having trouble hearing, so they won’t tell you about it or seek help. Because you cannot know what things sound like to them, it can sometimes be hard to determine if your parent is hard of hearing.

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Knowing what to watch for can help you to determine when it may be time for them to get a hearing aid. Below are some common signs that an older adult is experiencing hearing loss.

They Turn the Television Up Too Loud

Older adults who are suffering from hearing loss often turn the television up louder and louder. At times, it can be so loud that it is irritating to others. If you’re having to shout over the sound of the television your parent is watching to be heard by others, chances are they don’t hear well.

Trouble Hearing on the Phone

When you talk to your parent on the phone, do they complain that they cannot hear you or mistake what you are saying? Having difficulty hearing phone conversations can cause seniors to stop answering the phone or avoid calling people they used to spend time chatting with.

Withdrawing from Friends and Family

People who cannot hear well may avoid conversations with friends and family because they fear being embarrassed by not understanding what is being said. They may also find conversations too frustrating.

Complaining That Others Mumble

Your parent may complain that you or other people mumble when they speak. This can be especially common when women or children are speaking since higher frequencies can be harder to hear.

Responding in Unexpected Ways

Hearing loss can make your parent misunderstand what other people are saying. As a result, they might respond to a question in a way that doesn’t seem to make sense.If your aging parent is hard of hearing, elderly care can help them to manage the problem. An elderly care provider can remind visitors to use strategies that make it easier for the senior to communicate, such as facing the senior so they can see the speaker’s lips. Elderly care providers can also assist with caring for the older adult’s hearing aid, such as by cleaning it at night and changing the batteries. Elderly care providers can also answer the phone for the senior and relay messages to them.
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