Keeping your senior safe and helping them to avoid a fall might feel like a full-time job sometimes. As their caregiver, you’re focused on all of the different things that could contribute to a nasty fall. One of the biggest risks could be the medications your senior relies on to help them with other health issues.

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Talk to Their Doctor and Pharmacist

Medication reviews are a helpful tool. Make sure that you schedule one regularly with your senior’s doctor and also with their pharmacist. Both can help you to make sure that you understand all of the different things that are going on chemically with your senior’s medications. Bring a list of questions to the appointment so that you don’t forget anything.

Make Sure You Understand Their Different Medications

If there’s anything that you don’t completely understand about your senior’s medications, make sure that you ask. Sometimes caregivers worry about sounding overly anxious, but it’s vital for you to know what is going on. There are details about medications that aren’t necessarily common knowledge or easy to understand, so when you ask questions you’re able to drill down to exactly what you need to know.

Multiple Medications Multiply the Side Effects

It’s easy to overlook this fact, but if your senior takes three different medications that can make them dizzy, they are that much more likely to experience dizziness when they take all three. Those side effects start to add up, even if individually the medications don’t seem to have much effect on them. Get a handle on exactly what you can expect to see in your senior’s behaviors and abilities with this specific combination of medications.

Log Symptoms and Other Issues You Notice

Make sure also that you keep up with any symptoms or problems you notice, especially if your senior’s medication or dosages have changed. It’s not always easy to remember this sort of detail, so keeping a quick daily log in a small notebook might be a way to ensure you’ve got that information when you need it the most. That way you can take it with you to doctor’s appointments.

There’s a lot to manage as a caregiver. Keeping your senior safe and watching for side effects are two tasks that Senior Home Care providers can help you with, especially when you have to leave. They can help them to move around safely and let you know what they’re seeing.

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