Dementia is enough to deal with on its own because the changes that it creates for your senior is really large. But if your elderly family member is dealing with dementia and diminished vision, she may feel a little bit more lost, especially as her dementia progresses. Here are just some of the ways that her life might feel doubly impacted by what’s going on.

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Driving Is Definitely Off the Table

Very often people with dementia, especially in the earlier stages, are still able to drive on their own. It’s only after the disease progresses that driving becomes a problem. If your elderly family member has vision problems, though, driving may become non-negotiable much more quickly than she’s ready to face. That can present some emotional reactions that you’re not expecting.

Familiar Spaces Might Now Be Scary

Familiar locations are comforting simply because they are familiar. The problem is that dementia means your senior may forget what’s familiar about some locations. Diminishing vision can create shadows and other visual differences that your elderly family member isn’t able to easily reconcile. Combine that with the cognitive changes of dementia and your elderly family member might not feel comfortable in her safest spaces.

Vision Problems Can Feel Isolating

Dementia creates a bit of isolation for your elderly family member, just because she feels different and at first she knows that she’s different than she was. But when you factor in vision changes, that narrows down your senior’s world even more. She may not be able to engage in any of the hobbies or activities that she enjoyed in the past and that can be really scary.

She’s Much More Likely to Misplace Things

It’s way too easy to lose or to misplace items with dementia as it is, but when your senior can’t see well, that makes it even more easy to have this happen. Your elderly family member can very easily forget where she last used something and it can be frustrating for her. She might start to accuse you or other people of moving her belongings around or “stealing” them from her.

All of this is a lot for your senior and for you to manage on your own. Eldercare providers can help to lighten the load and can suggest solutions that can make your senior’s life easier and help her to feel more secure at the same time.

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