Not everyone can cook. Your dad tries, but he struggles with certain tasks. If he needs to mince garlic or onions, his eyesight’s not the best and he’s cut himself before. Peeling vegetables is a challenge for him since he was diagnosed with arthritis. For whatever reason, he has a hard time and you want to make it easier. What can you do?

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Prep Ingredients For Him

Prepare ingredients for him and have them packaged and ready for use. Chop onions and place them in a container for him to take out what he needs. Do the same with other ingredients he often uses like bell peppers, garlic, mushrooms, and a variety of vegetables.When he goes grocery shopping, slice the meats he purchases and have them prepped and in the freezer. You can freeze meats in marinades to simplify the steps involved in cooking. Choose simple recipes that he won’t have a hard time making on his own.You might want to consider having his foods bagged up and ready to go into a slow cooker. All he has to do is take out the right bag, place it in his slow cooker, and turn it on. The cooker does the rest. When it’s dinner time, he just takes what he wants and has leftovers for other meals.

Look Into Meal Box Subscriptions

Meal box subscriptions cost a little more, but your dad gets easy-to-follow recipe cards with the vegetables and meats washed and ready to use. Some involve slicing and dicing, but there are kits that have everything chopped up for him.Items are shipped with dry ice and in refrigerated bags to keep things fresh during transportation. He has control over the recipes/meals he wants to try and isn’t locked in for any specific time. He can try a service and drop it without ever ordering another meal if he doesn’t love it.

Have Professional Caregivers Cook for Him

Have you considered having someone else cook for him? If so, elderly care is the best solution. Caregivers stop by on the days you arrange and prepare meals for him. Caregivers can help him come up with weekly menus, write out shopping lists, and take him grocery shopping.

Why let your dad struggle to cook his meals all week? Elderly care aides can cook meals for him to reheat or eat right then. A specialist can discuss the prices and services that will best help him eat well all week long.

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