You might feel as if you’re always guessing when it comes to giving your senior help.

Does she really need help, or are you pushing too hard? It’s not easy to tell. But there are some signs that should alert you that there’s more going on than you might think. Those signs could be your first indications that your elderly family member could use a bit more assistance.
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The House Needs Some Maintenance

Safety is always the most important thing when it comes to helping your senior. If you’re starting to notice that the home maintenance that she’s always been on top of is faltering now, that might be a sign that there are some safety concerns. Getting an idea what isn’t working well or needs repair as soon as possible helps you to put a plan in place.

Household Chores Are Piling Up

Your senior’s home can tell you even more when you just look around. Is there dust piling up when normally there wouldn’t be? Or maybe your senior is starting to eat off paper plates instead of using her regular dishes. These can be subtle signs that keeping up with daily household chores is getting more difficult and your senior is making modifications to try to keep up.

Personal Hygiene Might Be a Problem

If your elderly family member has always taken great pride in her appearance or at the very least has made sure to shower regularly, you might notice changes to those habits. Health changes, changes to her sense of smell, and even cognitive changes can all cause your elderly family member to either avoid grooming as she used to or make some big changes to her routine. When you notice these changes, it’s important to figure out the reason behind them.

You’re Noticing Your Senior Just Seems Different

You might just start feeling as if something about your senior is changing or is different. She might be staying at home a lot more when she used to be socially active, for instance, or she might be more withdrawn and quieter when she was the life of the party before. These types of changes are subtle, but they can be a warning sign that there have been some changes in your senior’s life and habits.

Getting some extra help for your senior isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s incredibly helpful, both to her and to you, to have experienced Senior Home Care providers on the scene.

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