Today we want to give honor and show our respect to the lives of our Golden Care Heroes. Their lives, their fearlessness, and their grit is an inspiration to us all, they are true legends.
Many of us do not fully understand or comprehend the many sacrifices that these brave and courageous men suffered to protect our freedom.

May we never take for granted the price that was paid to protect our freedom and liberty.
We may never be able to thank them enough for their dedication and service to our country.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Edwin CassidyEdwin Cassidy, Pictured at 22 years of age, as a Cadet Captain

  • 24 years of service in the Army; 1962 – 1986
    • Lieutenant Colonel – Vietnam War
    • Stationed in Western Berlin Germany, at Spandau Prison where Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s former deputy Nazi leader was jailed, along with other Nazi war criminals who were sentenced to imprisonment at the Nuremberg Trials.

Gordon TinkerGordon Tinker, Navy (Civil Engineer Corps) 1959-1979

  • 1959-1960, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion #9
    Okinawa, Adak Alaska
  • 1960-1962, Instructor Army Nuclear Power School, Fort Belvoir, VA
  • 1964-1966, Public Works Officer(PWO), Naval Communication Sta., Puerto Rico
  • 1966-1968, Operations Officer, Naval Nuclear Power Unit, Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Involved 2 trips to PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant, McMurdo Sta., Antarctica
  • 1968-1969, Lines of Communication Officer, OICC, Vietnam
  • 1969-1971, PWO, Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA
  • 1971-1974 Resident OICC, Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, CA
  • 1975-1978 Executive Officer, Navy Public Works Center, San Diego, CA
  • 1778-1979 OICC, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton
  • 1979 Retired as a Commander

Raymond Shaffer Ray Shaffer joined the Marines at 17 and had a 39-year career. Service included tours in the Korean & Vietnam Wars, with him obtaining the rank of Major General before retirement.

James NelsonDr. Robert L. Nelson, is a proud patriot. He graduated from medical school from Syracuse University and served in the Pacific Theatre in WWII as a full Lieutenant in the US Navy from 1944 to 1946. He returned to serve his country in Korea, working at the 38th parallel from 1952-1953. He has always been a proud citizen of the United States of America.

Dr. James Benson – no photo available
Served in the United States Navy as a Dental Officer during the 1950’s

  • He recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

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