Partnerships are something that can form in any business, no matter what industry you operate in. By having a partner that works in the same sector but offers a different service from yours, you’ll find that business can flow fluidly, and operations can continue to carry forward easily.

So, who are you choosing as your partner when it comes to the Senior Home Caregiving industry? Specifically, if you operate in the hospice and hospital sector, are you choosing proper partners that can help to keep seniors to continue walking happily through your doors?

As a leading Home Care provider in San Diego, Golden Care takes tons of pride in our work—giving seniors a wide range of solutions that can help them comfortably age in place. Covering everything from comprehensive Home Care to companion services, placement services, and more, our mission is to make sure that seniors live a fulfilling life in their later years and can maintain independence.

However, when the time comes that seniors can no longer remain independent, that’s where you come in. As a hospital or hospice operator, you provide the necessary services to help seniors continue living their lives with comfort and dignity. 

Being so close to this industry, we understand the challenges that you may face. Because of this, it’s essential to have a reliable partner that operates in Senior Home Care that can help you to combat these challenges.


Gaining Referrals


In order to keep the wheels turning, you need a steady flow of clients. Sure, you can list your company with the BBB or another online service that gives you accreditation, but what else are you doing to bring in clients? Have you thought about how important gaining referrals could be?

In order to connect with the right type of clients, there is a lot of value in having a solid partnership with local caregivers in San Diego. Our team works hard to research and verify the most comprehensive, friendly hospice and hospital care services around San Diego to send our clients when the time is right.

We know that one of the most significant issues hospice and hospital facilities face is getting referrals too late. How often do you hear from your clients that they wish they would have made this decision to enter hospice earlier? A major misconception is that hospice is only for someone’s final few days. However, you know this isn’t the case, and seniors can enjoy spending more time living comfortably in your care than they initially thought they could—this is a point that we educate them on and encourage considering Hospice Home Care before it feels like it’s too late.

Our referral process is in-depth and ensures that we match seniors with the best facilities to meet their needs. When you partner with us, we’ll consider your organization a good fit for our seniors, and be sure to bring up your name with seniors and family members when they’re ready to make that decision.


Expectation Management


Another pain point within the hospice and hospital industry is managing expectations. Without a clear understanding of what to expect, seniors and their family members may believe that your hospice or hospital service offers something you simply can’t fulfill.

By working closely with our hospice and hospital partners, we’re well aware of the full-service offerings that you can provide and the ones that you can’t offer—we make sure that this information is communicated correctly so that expectations can be met and not misinterpreted.

The same notion applies to the cost of service. Families of seniors know that these services aren’t necessarily cheap, but it’s essential for them to be aware of exactly how much they need to save up. We price out our various hospice and hospital partners, setting up pricing tiers so we can match our seniors with an end-of-life care provider that appropriately fits their budget.

Fighting the stigma


We all know that there are a lot of common misconceptions that you constantly work to rule out when bringing in seniors to receive your services. And, with a career already known for being demanding, it can be difficult to change opinions in the public eye. So, what are you doing to keep your practices in good graces?

By working closely with Golden Care, you’ll find that our Home Caregivers, who work hard to establish strong relationships with our seniors and can break the stigma around the hospital and Hospice Home Care. We understand that end-of-life services, like Hospice Home Care, are the practical choice for many of our clients—and we make sure to educate and prepare our clients for this next step in life.

But, it isn’t only about ensuring that a senior is ready for your services. Often, the family members are the ones who are calling the shots and making decisions around their loved ones. With this in mind, our team talks with families and provides them with everything they need to know about hospice and hospital care—informing them on why this could make sense for their unique needs.

By choosing Golden Care as your partner in this industry, you’ll enjoy working with a company that fights to combat the stigma around the hospital and Hospice Home Care and paints your organization in a positive light.


Partnerships benefit everyone


When you work in the Senior Home Caregiving industry, having a valuable partnership can help you bring in more clients and offer better services than your competitors. With a team of knowledgeable Home Care providers, we’re proud to have in-depth knowledge about local hospice and hospital services in San Diego and work hard to ensure our seniors are placed in a fitting facility when the time comes. 

By partnering with Golden Care, you’ll enjoy working with an organization that genuinely cares about its seniors and provides them with all the knowledge they need to know about your organization—including expectation management and combating common misconceptions.

If you’re interested in partnering with Golden Care to start receiving referrals, give us a call. We’d love to learn more about your facility and determine if it would be a good fit for our seniors.