Four Essential Tips for Managing Dentures

Four Essential Tips for Managing Dentures

Denture care is often a little more involved than many people realize. If your senior needs partial or full dentures, it helps to understand exactly how to take care of these essential tools. When your senior’s dentures are in the best shape possible, she’ll be able to eat foods that are healthier for her.

Even Full Dentures Don’t Get Her Out of Dentist Visits

Lots of people feel that getting dentures, especially a full set of dentures, means that visits to the dentist are a thing of the past. That’s not accurate at all. Your elderly family member’s mouth, gums, and even dentures do change over time. There may be other issues that your senior is facing, including gum health, that bear watching. Your senior’s dentist can make sure that her dentures still fit her well and that they’re in good condition for her to keep eating.

Dentures Do Need to Be Brushed

Something that might be new for you or your senior is that dentures do need to be brushed in order to stay as clean as possible. Denture cleaning tablets are an important part of the cleaning process, but they’re not the only cleaning method. Denture brushes are softer than even the softest toothbrushes and they help to remove food debris without harming your senior’s dentures. They should always be brushed when they’re outside of your senior’s mouth so that every part can get cleaned.

How Dentures Are Stored Is Important

Denture storage is the next crucial part of their care. Dentures are designed to be at their best in someone’s mouth, which means they are meant to stay moist. Storing them out of water or denture cleaning solution is the worst thing that you could do, because that allows the dentures to dry out and to become fragile. Denture baths are small and protect your senior’s dentures as they soak. That way they’re ready for the next time she needs them.

Your Senior May Need Some Help

Managing denture care on her own may not be as easy as your senior hopes it could be. There are a lot of possible situations that could make it difficult, so having help from home care providers does a few things. First, it gives your elderly family member the hands-on help that she needs. But second, you’ll know that someone who understands denture care and helping aging adults with the situations that they face is there for her.

With proper care, dentures could last a long time for your senior. That means she can eat a lot more of the healthy meals and snacks that you want her to eat.
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