Is Your Elderly Loved One Experiencing Anxiety Due to Moving? Here’s How You Can Help.

Is Your Elderly Loved One Experiencing Anxiety Due to Moving? Here’s How You Can Help.

Does your elderly loved one need to move to a smaller home? Maybe they are moving in with you instead. Either way, when a senior citizen moves, it can be tough on them, especially if they have lived in the same place for a long time. They might feel many things including anxiety. If your elderly loved one is experiencing anxiety due to moving, there are some ways that you and their caregivers can help.

Home care in Del Mar. What to do when your elderly loved one is anxious about moving.

Show Respect

It is going to take time for your elderly loved one to downsize. You can’t just expect them to get rid of things they have had for a long time. This process takes time. While your elderly loved one is going through things, show them respect. Understand they are attached to certain things and they may not be able to get rid of those belongings. While they can’t keep everything when downsizing, it is important to be respectful toward them for the things they want or need to keep.

Have a Plan

One of the ways to reduce your elderly loved one’s anxiety when moving is to have a plan. If your loved one is moving into a smaller home, have them go to that home with you and make a plan of where things are going to go. The more prepared your elderly loved one is for the move, the less anxious they are likely to be. If they are moving in with you, have them come plan out where things are going to be in their room. It might also be helpful if you plan to get rid of some of your things, so you can make room for their things. This may make them feel more accepted in their new space and less anxious.

Make a Familiar Space for Your Loved One

Moving can be difficult for anyone. However, you can help your elderly loved one to feel less anxious during the move by making the space more familiar. Whether they are moving to their own, new home or into your home, it can be helpful to keep things similar to where they live now. For instance, instead of buying new furniture, let them bring their old furniture instead. You could also put photo frames up in the living room that were in their old living room. Keeping things familiar will reduce the anxiety they feel when moving.

Create a Smooth Transition

As mentioned, it is going to take some time for your loved one to go through things and become comfortable with the move. It would be helpful if you create a smooth transition for them. For instance, let them walk through their new home a few times, at minimum, before moving their belongings into the home. Once they move their belongings in, stay with them for the day. For the first night or two, it might even be beneficial if you or one of their caregivers could stay with them for the night, while they get used to their new home.

These are some of the tips to reduce the anxiety your elderly loved one feels during a move. You can make the process easier on them by following through with these tips.
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