Six Ways Your Mom Can Stay Close to People Who Cannot Visit During the Pandemic

Six Ways Your Mom Can Stay Close to People Who Cannot Visit During the Pandemic

After weeks of staying home, it’s not surprising your mom is growing tired of not getting to see people. It’s still very important for her to take precautions and keep herself safe. She can’t risk her health now. Here are six ways for your mom to stay close to those who cannot visit her during the pandemic.


Chatting on the phone is probably the most familiar way for your mom to keep in touch. It’s not as personal as she may want, but she can at least hear her friends’ and family members’ voices. With unlimited calling plans on cellphones and through several phone companies, she doesn’t have to limit the length of her calls.


Typing out a message to others is one way for your mom to stay in touch. Chat is easy to manage while she’s doing other things like watching a show or cooking dinner. She can chat while she sits on her back deck or while she’s in the bath. Chat’s available on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Video Chat

With a laptop or smartphone, your mom can talk to others through a video chat system like Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Using the video camera, she sees the people she calls and they see her on their computers or smartphones. She’s still not face-to-face with them, but she does get to see their faces this way.


The old-fashioned step of writing letters to friends and family may not be the most popular way to stay in touch, but it’s going to bring back memories of the days of letters, postcards, and special occasion cards. She can write a note or letter, mail it, and wait for the response.


If writing a letter is hard, she can send an email. As it’s sent online, there’s no waiting for the postal worker to arrive. This makes it possible to write and respond to multiple emails in one day.

Online Games

With a smartphone, gaming device, or computer, your mom can play games with others. There are games for just about everything, which makes it easy for her to play games with friends, her children, and her grandchildren. She could play a virtual game like Animal Crossing with her grandkids, online card games with her friends, and word games with you.

Talk to your mom about having senior care aides stop by each week. These trained professionals can visit her and are taking precautions to stay safe and use safety measures when helping seniors in their homes. Call a senior care agency to discuss how caregivers can help your mom at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you, or an aging loved-one, are considering hiring Homecare in Carmel Valley, CA, or the Surrounding San Diego Area, please contact the caring staff at GoldenCare today. Call us at (760) 828-5201 today.

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