Long-Term Issues That Could Arise from a Fall in an Elderly Person

Long-Term Issues That Could Arise from a Fall in an Elderly Person

If your elderly loved one falls for any reason, there could be long-term issues that arise from that fall. While not every elderly person that falls will experience injury or long-term effects, it is important that you know what could happen. Having this information now can help you to prevent falls in your loved one or assist them if they do fall.


There are many elderly people who fall that do get an injury. While you hope that this doesn’t happen for your elderly loved one, it is good to know about the common injuries that could occur. Some of the most common injuries that often happen when elderly people fall are broken bones, hip fractures, knee fractures, and bleeding. If these things happen, you or the elderly care provider should be sure to take your elderly loved one to get appropriate treatment

Less Independence

If your elderly loved one does fall and get injured, they might need extra help for a while. You might need to hire elderly care providers to assist in your loved one’s daily care. Unfortunately, in some cases, the injury never fully heals. For example, your elderly loved one might never be able to move around as well as they used. They might need help reaching in the higher-up cupboards. Your elderly loved one might need someone there to ensure they don’t fall again.

Having Multiple Falls

Research does show that elderly people who fall have a higher risk of falling again. There are many reasons why your elderly loved one might fall more often after the first fall. One of the most common reasons for this is due to their lack of confidence. Since your elderly loved one fell once, they might not trust their own feet and legs. They might not trust themselves to keep steady when walking. This fear and worry can cause your elderly loved one to have balance issues, leading to more falls.


Did your elderly loved one fall recently? If so, are you worried that your elderly loved one is going to have another fall? This is very common. Research even shows that elderly people who fall once have a higher risk of falling again. It can be scary to think about. However, if you assess your elderly loved one’s condition (with the help of a doctor), you can decide whether someone needs to be there to monitor your loved one more often. If so, you can always hire elderly care providers to help during the day and/or night.
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