Where Are the Clutter Hot Spots in Your Senior’s Home?

Where Are the Clutter Hot Spots in Your Senior’s Home?

Finding your senior’s clutter hot spots can help you to keep her entire home clear and as safe as possible. Clutter has a tendency to multiply, and that’s what you want to avoid if you can.


People often get in the habit of leaving things on the stairs that need to go to another floor. That can be a time-saving habit, but as your senior gets older it can also become a dangerous one. Finding another way to deal with those challenges is important because the stairway needs to remain as clear as possible. It might also help to have a routine that involves making sure the stairs are clear.


Lots of people use kitchen counters or tables as a “catch-all” space for all sorts of things. It’s also possible that a lot of the kitchen implements that your elderly family member no longer uses have become a form of clutter. Clearing those unused items out of the kitchen can make room for the items that she truly does use. Finding a new way to corral the items that end up collecting is also important, even if it’s just so that your senior can use her kitchen table any time she needs to.


Your senior’s bedroom has a lot of different areas that can attract clutter, too. Closets, bedside tables, and under the bed are some of those key locations. When the clutter is contained, none of this might be a problem. But when it spills over, your senior might find that the clutter becomes more hazardous for her, especially in the middle of the night. Making sure she can find what she needs when she needs it is important.


Your senior’s bathroom can become a clutter magnet, too. Products can build up and storage isn’t always optimal in a bathroom. If your elderly family member starts to need a greater variety of assistive devices in the bathroom, like a shower chair, the room can start to feel a lot smaller and more crowded. Weeding out anything that contributes to that feeling is important to do.

Storage Areas

Any place where your senior can store things can also become a repository for clutter. That means basements, spare closets, attics, and even random drawers can all start to collect things that don’t fit anywhere else. For the most part, these spaces are likely to be out of the way, but they may still cause a problem if they’re overstuffed and your senior needs to move more things into a storage area.

Clearing out clutter is one part of this process that’s difficult but maintaining the space you reclaim is another. Senior care providers can help your senior to have the room she needs to move safely in her home. They can take over light housekeeping, which can include maintaining decluttered areas.

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