Near the end of her life, Sophie could no longer walk and was dependent on her caregiver Martha to provide the intimate care that her body no longer had the strength for. 

Martha sat by Sophie’s bedside day and night. Sophie told her intimate stories about her life and they listened to her favorite music together. When it was time for Sophie to go, Martha held her hand and comforted her until the very end.

How In-Home Care Helps

When the end of life nears, the last thing anyone wants is to be in an unfamiliar environment. 

In-home Hospice Home Care allows loved ones near the end of their life to receive professional, compassionate care within the comfort of their own homes. 


In the hospice stage, an Home Caregiver will take care of all the needs of your loved one so they can remain comfortable and happy. This may include basic house chores, hygiene, dressing, medication reminders, and escorting them to doctor appointments. 


What makes a caregiver so valuable in this situation though is the social companionship they provide. They’re by your loved ones’ bedside every step of the way, making sure that they always feel heard and never alone. And their love and companionship extends beyond the home. If a hospital stay is required, they’ll remain by their side.


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