When Keith suffered the loss of mobility from a  traumatic head injury, the physical therapist at his rehabilitation facility could only work with him 3 times a week. Worried about his slow recovery and the pain he was suffering, Keith’s family contacted Golden Care.


Our Care Manager connected our team of caregivers with the facility and provided Keith with 24-Hour supervision and care. Through daily physical therapy and around-the-clock support, Keith was able to return to full mobility. 


How In-Home Care Helps

The role of a caregiver after surgery is essential. Due to the emotional and physical strain that surgery plays in old age, constant supervision and care are often required for the elderly following a procedure. Not only will it ensure their safety, but it will give them peace of mind and confidence throughout the entire process. 


A caregiver helps in surgery recovery by:


Closely monitoring your loved one

Your loved one may not be their usual self following a surgical operation. Accidents can happen due to their weakened state, so it’s crucial to provide them with constant supervision



Assisting with daily activities

This allows your loved one to focus on healing and relaxing. This may be escorting your loved one to follow-up appointments, running errands, household chores, cooking, dressing, bathing, and whatever else they may need help with to get through the day. 


Providing social companionship

Your loved one may not have the strength yet to go out and do the things that help them maintain a happy and healthy life. It can also be easy for them to isolate themselves from others as they feel they’re not able to participate in a lifestyle that they’ve grown accustomed to. 


Finding the perfect companion for your loved one can be tough. At Golden Care, we take care of that for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.